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Hi, Iím Ann.  Come on in.  I hope you didnít have any trouble finding me.
Let me show you around and then we'll get started.

Please have a seat and get comfortable because this is going take a while. Before I can begin treating you with needles, I need to learn as much as I can about the comings and goings of your symptoms, of course, but that just scratches the surface. I also want to know your dreams, disappointments, frustrations, proudest moments, what you usually eat for breakfast, if you have pets, what kind of work you do and if you enjoy it. What makes you laugh? Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? If you awaken in the night, what time does this usually occur? Do you crave certain flavors? Is there anyone in your life whom you canít forgive? Rest assured that what you say here will not leave this room. You are safe hereÖ

Now hop up on the table and let me listen to your pulses.

As a nurse, I check the rate and assess if the rhythm is regular. As an acupuncturist, I listen with my fingertips to the pulses in six different areas on each wrist for a total of twelve pulses. I note the rate, rhythm, strength and shape of each pulse waveform. These tell me about the relative strength and weakness of each of the twelve organs in the body and how they are impacting each other.

So just lie back and relax, while your pulses talk to meÖ


Here are the tools of my trade.

My needles are pre-sterilized and I dispose of each one after I needle a point. Okay, now take a deep breath in. Let it outÖ


You did great! As you can see, the needle is about as fine as a catís whisker. Some people feel a dull ache, warmth, tingling or heaviness that travels along the meridian. What did you feel?

foot_1.jpg (41982 bytes)


Now let me listen to your pulses again
to see how treatment has affected them.

Well, weíre done. You look so peaceful. Were you asleep? Wait. Before you get up off the table, let me give you a nice stretch.

Iíd like to see you once a week for the next month. By that time you should know if acupuncture is going to be useful to you. During that time Iíll ask you to notice and report any changes. I may also ask you to incorporate a variety of practices to enhance your own healing such as deep breathing, dietary modifications, cleaning out closets, and incorporating fun into your life. (You see, while this work is deeply important, itís not deadly serious.)

Thanks for coming. Enjoy your week, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

(804) 938-5668

Home  :: About Acupuncture :: About Me  :: Virtual Acupuncture Treatment :: China Trip :: Downloads